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I have always had a passion for cards. I was lucky enough to discover the game of bridge early in my life. Bridge trumps all other card games. My mission is to show you why this is so. Bridge is a rarity among games as it is played in partnership. It requires communication skills as well as technical skills. It nurtures cooperation at the same time as improving your memory and other mental faculties. No mathematical skills are required, although being able to count up to 13 will serve you very well indeed. Bridge embraces logic and allows for thinking outside the box. Above all else it is fun, it is fast and you will never ever tire of it. I am here to help change the image of bridge. I want to bring the game back to the younger generations, particularly children. My favourite class is the first one - please contact me and I will help you unwrap the mystery that is bridge. My teaching style is based on simplicity and encouragement - no one is excluded or criticised. Bridge when taught well is simple, logical and exciting.

After one lesson with Simon, I knew he would be the best teacher for our fortnight in Perugia, and so it proved, charming throughout, he was brilliant at improving the experienced bridge players and those who were far less confident. Altogether Simon proved a massive asset to the party - he even organised a poker evening organised for too.